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KomunIKON at SciLang 2022

At Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, a symposium titled SciLang: Holistic Integration of Languages into Science and Science into Languages was held on Friday, July 8.

For scientists interested in languages and linguists interested in science, the SciLang conference seeks to advance a more comprehensive approach to languages and science. This was accomplished through a number of discussions about emphasizing how languages and science complement one another, demonstrating how people acquire languages and science, and talking about the unique, holistic approaches to fusing science with current languages.

Many speakers participated in these conversations, including Cesco Reale, the creator of KomunIKON.

The KomunIKON team played their well-known Ludikon game after his 30-minute introduction to the project. The candidates had to guess the meaning of ten icons that Laura, one of their linguist team members, displayed. She also displayed two famous phrases along with additional icons. Andriana, a member of their strategy team, counted the candidates' points for correct responses at the same time.

The compliments they get every time they play this game are impressive. Every participant appears to find it entertaining and educational, so they are delighted to continue to offer it.

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