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Virtual Congress of Esperanto 2021

July 16th

Before the official opening of the Virtual Congress, I had already joined inside to watch an old film about Esperanto in Warsaw 100 years after the public introduction.

July 17th

Here you will see the schedule and our activity in a few chat rooms, quite a lot of people participated, I’m glad.

There are too many chat rooms on various topics, I’ve gotten into a few about book lovers, tea lovers, oomoto, scientists, computer scientists, and of course, I haven’t forgotten the cafe either! We can’t go to a cinema in Taiwan now because of the pandemic but it doesn't matter, I go virtually to the congress haha.

It was funny that there was a chat room for non-smokers, but I was glad to learn something from the Korean counselor about a psychological reason for smoking. It was crazy that there were 10 chat rooms that started at the same time! I couldn’t attend full time but switched from one to the other.

July 18th

The opening of the congress finally started with a speech from the board members and association representatives. After that, more lectures continued.

The Taiwan Esperanto Association through Mr. Reza Kheirkhah will also present on July 20, 22, and 24 (Taiwan time). I was present in the chat rooms about Esperanto in Asia, Australia, and Oceania, as well as Baha'i.

The session of the Esperanto Movement in Asia lasted more than 2 hours and had presenters from several countries, such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Mongolia, India, and the Philippines. Don't forget the beautiful voice of Ilia.

I watched a play in memory of an Esperantist who played the role of Zamenhof on stage. The play was about an Esperantist from Russia. And in another room, there was a presentation of Filipino Esperanto Youth. There seem to be many new Esperantists in the Philippines. Good job Albert Stalin Garrido.

At first, there was a video about Mongolia that I loved a lot, especially about the traditional costume and singing. That was in the chat room about doing business and economics in Esperanto. It immediately caught my attention because I got a master’s degree in business, so I will definitely find more information. There was also someone who talked about translation on the news site Global Voices, where I have been one of the translators since 2013.

July 19th

There are many academics in Esperantoland, I always like to watch their discussion because I like to be with intelligent people. Although Esperanto is a constructed language, it is also used to discuss a constructed issue such as the flat earth. One retired professor of physics showed us how the idea of ​​a flat earth is not right. He also used a 3D program to explain. I think it was cool.

July 20th

The Taiwan Esperanto Association through Mr. Reza Kheirkhah had a 2-hour session to present about our movement in Taiwan and also a bit about life, culture, etc. I helped to share it by representing northern Taiwan, and Reza Kheirkhah representing southern Taiwan, respectively according to our place of residence.

In addition, I am very grateful to Mr. Reza Kheirkhah for presenting a bit about Nee’s Book as well.

It was also a memorable moment, I had never seen my face on the other side before, so I photographed the screen because I was using both a computer and a cell phone. There was a problem with my computer microphone.

And perhaps the first in the history of Esperantoland, Arya Bhaskara Ferduzi performed about Dangdut, which is a popular music genre in Indonesia, and he even sang a Dangdut song "Alamat Palsu (False Address)" in Esperanto!

July 21st

It was a very interesting presentation about Catalonia and its beautiful city Barcelona. The presenter is young and fluent in Esperanto. I also watched about the Esperanto movement in Mexico and the opinion of its members.

One memorable and special thing that happened today was in the chat room for philatelists. I knew one gentleman from Dandong city of China. This city is located next to North Korea, and it is very close to North Korea, there is only 1 bridge connecting both countries in Dandong.

July 22nd

Today it is the turn of Mr. Reza Kheirkhah representing the Taiwan Esperanto Association to share things not only about the Esperanto movement in Taiwan but also about Taiwanese culture, celebration, gastronomy, tourism and even Aboriginal people of Taiwan. Luckily, I have a few textbooks of Aboriginal languages, so I showed them to the viewers.

In another chat room, there was an interesting and important presentation on covid and its relation to heart disease. The presenter is a skilled doctor from Iran. I have seen him a few times because I have also participated in several previous congresses of Iranian Esperantists.

July 23rd

It is unbelievable that in India, precisely in Tamil, there is one beautiful peaceful place called Auroville. The building exterior and interior look amazing. I imagine one can feel pure peace being in this place. In addition, the inhabitants there are not only Indians but also foreigners, such as French, Korean, and so on.

And in the science chat room, I met a Dutch woman who has a 17th-century microscope! Amazingly, I also have a microscope but it is digital and produced in the 21st century. We took pictures together holding our microscopes.

I also attended a chat room on Bahaiism to get to know it a bit. The first time I knew Bahá'í religion was through Esperanto. I’m not a believer but it’s interesting to learn about another cool thing. Moreover, in the meditation chat room, I found that they were discussing one popular Vietnamese monk who lives in France. His name is Thich Nhat Hanh. Surprisingly, I know him because I listened to his lecture in French on Buddhism.

July 24th

I never thought I would find a person of minority TUPI ethnicity from Brazil, I never even thought that I found him through Esperanto and I never even thought that he also speaks Toki Pona. Now he has become my Toki Pona friend, perhaps the first Toki Pona friend who can talk to me regularly. Also from him, I found the first metal band in Esperantoland, they are called BaRok Project.

A few days ago I talked to monk Miao Hui, who is supposed to be the only Esperanto monk, about providing a chat room about Buddhism, and today I found a Buddhist Session classroom. It was about an introduction to Buddhism. And at the end, before I closed the day, I attended for a short time the lecture on Sanskrit. I’m always interested in learning it.


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