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3 Problems and Solutions for a Successful Language Exchange

Every time I go into language groups on the internet, I always see a lot of people looking for language partners. In their post, they always start by introducing themselves, the language they are learning, and the language they know. The necessity for a language partner seems to be a very high-demand request. 

Have you ever thought about how many of them succeed in finding a language partner? How do they manage their learning with their language partners? Is one language partner enough?

Easier said than done

I am also looking for language partners for different languages that I know. I also post the message in language groups, such as language groups on Facebook. I think that it is easy to get a language partner but it is not easy to maintain communication. There are various reasons for this difficult situation. 

Busy with own schedule

Most people are either students or workers when they are looking for a language partner. So, there is a time when they become busy with their schedule and eventually neglect the learning.

Internet disturbance

If you can meet your language partner in person, that is good. Otherwise, the internet is the only place for you to meet. Each country has different internet connection speed and technical problems can happen anytime, such as during rainy days or internet quota finishes. As a consequence, this can hold the learning back because of the inability to maintain good communication.

Lack of ideas

Sometimes, you need to be creative about making the learning materials. You will get bored easily if you don’t know what to learn or if you learn the same thing over and over again. Lack of ideas and creativity can terminate your learning very quickly.

Everyone needs a solution

I have tried different language learning methods, and based on my experience, I can share some of the useful ones with you. 

Find someone who knows the language you are learning and wants to practice the language you know

This is a mutually beneficial method. You teach your language, and your language partner teaches you his/ her language. You can set the rules of speaking half in your language and a half in your language partner’s language.

Find someone to learn together

Without motivation, your learning will stop very soon. By having someone that is learning the same language with you, you can motivate and encourage each other to progress rapidly. You also can share learning tips and resources, as well as experience.

Find someone to teach you his/ her language by speaking your language

This method works for intermediate to advanced levels of learners. Suppose your language partners already can talk in your language and he/ she wants to keep using it in life, teaching by using your language will not just help him/ her to practice but also help you to learn in your language.

This is all that I can share. If you have any opinions, please share it with us. Share your story with us!


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