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The 7th Iranian Esperanto Congress

The Iranian Esperanto Association (IEA) has organized this year's Iranian Esperanto Congress from April 16-19th. The IEA organized the congress online because of the unfortunate situation caused by the coronavirus that we are having now. The advantage of having the congress online is that anyone with the limitation of traveling to the country of the congress can participate in it online. This is certainly good news for many people!

121 participants from 35 countries came in and out in the teleconference by ZOOM. It was certainly difficult to make sure that everyone cooperates in accordance with the rules. However, the moderator has done a good job by only allowing those who want to talk permission to talk.

Some popular figures in the Esperanto community also participated, such as Margaret Zaleski-Zamenhof who is the great-granddaughter of Zamenhof (the creator of Esperanto), Humphrey Tonkin who is the former president of the World Esperanto Association, and Stefano Keller who is the former representative of the World Esperanto Association in the United Nations.

Did you also join the 7th Iranian Esperanto Congress? Share your story with us!

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