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Watching TV in your target language is also one of many good ways to learn and improve your language skill. Some of you may have a satellite TV at home, and that's a great tool. If you don't have it, don't worry, as long as you have good internet, you also can watch foreign TV channels.

I watch foreign TV channels every day whenever I am home but I don't watch it on my house TV. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I turn on my TV because I always watch TV online.

By listening and seeing the images, you can learn faster and naturally because the native speakers also watch TV in their language and that is how they develop their language skill. Children watch cartoon and imitate the speech or the way the characters talk. Adults watch the news and learn news terms relating to more difficult topics, such as politics, culture, economy, etc. You may also watch drama to learn daily life conversation.

As usual, I always use several languages daily. I do this in order not to forget them. You can forget any languages, even your native language if you haven't used it for a long time.

Thanks to the internet, we can now watch TV from many countries in many languages. I usually search for anything to watch in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Esperanto. Let me share with you my favorites.

01. Spanish

02. Portuguese

euronews (به زبان فارسی)

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