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I once asked on Facebook about what my friends usually do on weekend mornings. Some answered that they go hiking and some others sleep in. This curiosity struck me as I was having my breakfast on a Saturday morning. I always bring a book to read while going to have breakfast, and I realized on that morning that it has become my habit to read while having breakfast.

I like reading and I always read books about languages. Teach Yourself book is my favorite. Fortunately, I live near Ming Chuan University, where I graduated from. It has one floor full of English books, and there are many language books. I applied for the library card because I don't want to miss this opportunity. Where else you can borrow language books in English in Taiwan?

There are many downloadable PDFs and to be honest, it is really convenient to read them. I have a lot of PDFs in my iPod that I always read while commuting  in the train, subway, etc. However, using electronic products for a long time affects your health negatively, and I don't feel attached to the book that I read digitally. I can forget easily which the last page I read, and be distracted to read other books because everything can be done as easily as tapping the iPod screen.

Because of this reason, I still prefer a printed book over an electronic book. I feel committed to finishing reading the book, especially when there is a deadline for returning it. I prefer borrowing than buying books because most of the time, I read it only once unless it has really interesting and important information but this happens rarely.

What is your weekend morning routine?

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