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You may have finished one round of Duolingo or all of the exercises in Livemocha, then what's next? Looking for more language learning materials could be a treasure hunt. They are available anywhere on the Internet, but you need an effort to find them.

There is no guarantee that those language learning tools you found could be useful and fit your learning style. Thus, it is recommended to keep on trying until you find your perfect match. You may also use several tools at the same with to avoid boredom. This also allows you to have more exposure to different kinds of learning materials.

Online College sums up a list of language learning tools for learning various languages, such as Portuguese, Japanese, French, or even, Latin, Farsi, and Sign Language. The list comprises of:
  1. Online courses
  2. Video channels
  3. Podcasts
  4. Textbooks
  5. Translation
  6. Communities
  7. Tools
  8. Apps
Check the website and have a fun language learning!

Do you have other resources for language learning? Which one is your favorite? Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your opinions by leaving comments or send me an email. You may also share this article if you think that it may be useful for others. Subscribe to this blog so you will never miss anything.

Update: 23/05/2017
A reader named Johanna Dorsay suggested Studying in Germany, which contains information about learning German and studying in Germany. The website is also translated into 10 different languages.

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