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Flags and Languages

Luxembourg and the Netherlands share similar flags but do not have the same official language. Indonesia and Monaco are located in different continents but share the same color of the flag.

Whenever you go to a website, whether it is a website of a company, an institution, or even an online store, you may notice a list of flags that represent several languages. For instance, you may see American or British flags for English and Chinese or Taiwanese flags for Chinese Mandarin. Do you know that there are countries in this world sharing the same or similar flags? The examples are as follows: 

Latvian flag (top) and Austrian flag (bottom)

The flags may be clear enough to be differentiated; however, it may not be clear when the flags are shown as icons on the website as what you can see below.

The picture above shows you more about countries' similar flags. They differ in languages and some even located in different continents.

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