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用中文來estudiar español

Recently I have been challenging myself to study Spanish in Mandarin! After failing the last Chinese (Mandarin) proficiency exam (I will write more about it in another post), something has triggered my enthusiasm to do more with Mandarin. Back to the Spanish, you can see the book that I am using for Spanish in the picture. I choose easy material at the beginning. This book contains daily conversations, such as greetings, transportation, restaurant, etc. I still can understand much without looking at the Mandarin translation so far. Therefore, everything is quite good for now.

Let me think. I have been studying Spanish independently since the beginning of this year, so it has been 4 months! Apart from using books, such as Teach Yourself and For Dummies, I also learn by watching Spanish language drama. The once very popular and I am still watching is Betty La Fea from Colombia. Most of you must know about this drama. It was popular several years ago when I was in primary school.

For me, Spanish is an easy language to learn compared to some European languages that I have learned. Spanish is similar to Indonesian in some parts of the grammar and vocabularies. It also has some vocabulary similarities with English. Thus, in order to remember some rules in Spanish, I can refer to those in Indonesian or English. Muy interesante, ¿no?

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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