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I used to wonder why many of my friends write blogs in foreign languages. English was my choice of content language when I wrote a blog in high school. I did that because I am interested in writing in a foreign language. Several advantages that I can achieve by composing writings in this way are improving the habit to exercise writing skill, and having the chance to put my English in practice. English has been widely used in education, society, and almost anywhere. Several people have even created their own English styles because of the influence of their local languages.

Blogging can be a way of language learning. You can achieve an increased level of language fluency by exercising your writing habit. It is because writing allows you to construct sentences, the same case occurs when you are speaking the language. There are numerous translation tools and language references on the Internet that may help you in writing. 

I have created three blogs for three different languages - Indonesian, English and Chinese Mandarin. Besides, I also have blogs for Korean and Latvian language as part of my language learning. However, I have paused it for a while because of motivational constraint. It is still quite difficult at this moment to write in Latvian and Korean. My Chinese Mandarin blog is hosted by Wretch (無名小站).

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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Updated October 13, 2013
Yahoo acquired Wretch, a Taiwanese blogging platform in July 2007, but it has announced to close down the site on December 26, 2013. New registration for Wretch's service was suspended since September 2nd. Following that, users may still be able to browse Wretch but will no longer able to add content from October 30 onwards. All services on the site will be shut down permanently on December 26.

Coping with the mentioned circumstance, my new Chinese Mandarin blog is now hosted by Pixnet

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