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Is Writing Better Than Typing?

I just realized about the importance of writing when I was practicing Chinese characters writing as part of an assignment from my language teacher. I always type the Chinese characters rather than writing them. Then, I realize that even though I can type the Chinese characters, I am lacking writing ability.

Written Chinese characters do not give you a clue about the pronunciation in Chinese. You put the phonetics and choose the correct Chinese character when you type. On the other hand, when you write a Chinese character, you write the character without any phonetic.

Typing vs Writing

In the technology-developed era nowadays, more and more people rely on technology devices, such as computer and smartphones, on a daily basis. Hence, your typing ability is important because of this reason. On the contrary, writing helps you with a non-technology-related case. For example, writing a simple note asking about direction, taking a written Chinese exam, being in a situation where you do not have any technology devices, etc. Both writing and typing are important depending on your situation.

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