The Polyglot Project Interviews

(Photo credit: David Mansaray)

"The Polyglot Project", a collection of story about language learning was published in 2010. It comprises personal experiences, from learning methods to learning advice, of language enthusiasts and polyglots around the world. All of them gathered and contributed their time and efforts for this remarkable book.


David Mansaray conducted interviews with ten amazing contributors of the book. They are listed as the following:

Episode 1 : Moses McCormick
Episode 2 : Dr. Peter Brown
Episode 3 : Kathleen Hearons
Episode 4 : Susanna Zaraysky
Episode 5 : Robert Bigler
Episode 6 : Richard Simcott
Episode 7 : Luca Lampariello
Episode 8 : Michael Erard
Episode 9 : Vladimir Skultety
Episode 10: Alex Rawlings

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