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Meet people from around the world in the Polyglot Gathering 2022

This year Polyglot Gathering has just ended recently, it took place online from April 28 to May 1. More than 550 participants from various countries around the world registered for this event. Many amazing multilingual people joined the presentations, classes, discussions, and language rooms. The same passion and goal united everyone in this one of the biggest language events in the world.

The organizers held the Polyglot Gathering twice this year, once online and once in Poland. This is proof that Polyglot Gathering is favored by many people. The pandemic has kept them indoors at all times, but this year some of them may have the chance to go overseas and join this big language event.

I joined many language rooms to speak different languages in the Polyglot Gathering last year. However, I attended only 3 language rooms this time, they were Dutch, Portuguese, and Indonesian language rooms. I attended more presentations this time because it was more convenient for me. The presentations were so interesting, I really learned a lot from many amazing presenters.

The Polyglot Gathering is the world’s biggest international event for language-lovers and multilingual people, which is being organized every single year at the end of May. This fantastic event is fully packed with incredible presentations, social programs, and cultural activities.

During the event, the participants show their passion for cultures and languages, share experiences and tips, and most importantly use many languages to discuss and socialize with one another. The participants come from different walks of life, such as students, teachers, researchers, scientists, business people, etc.


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