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Learn Chinese Mandarin with Cecilia Chen

There are a lot of resources for learning Chinese Mandarin, but which one should you choose? Wait no more because I am going to introduce you to an expert in teaching Chinese Mandarin. Let me introduce you to “Cecilia Chen”.

Cecilia teaches professionally in English, and she has abundant experience in teaching to various backgrounds of students, especially Westerners. She professionally created a good platform for all of her English-taught courses, including high-quality and well-prepared video editing with text and animations.

Once you are logged into the platform, you can watch almost 100 video lessons. There are videos as short as 2 minutes to over 20 minutes long with in-depth and clear explanations from Cecilia.

Chinese Mandarin is a tonal language and tones are the most challenging part for people who don’t know any tonal languages. Like every formal language learning, you will start learning from the basics, that is tones and pronunciation. Then, Cecilia will guide you in learning the situational conversation and the grammar step by step.

There is one part of her courses where she explains about Taiwanese linguistics situation and how a local language called Taiwanese Hokkien influences the Chinese Mandarin spoken in Taiwan. You are going to learn many things about Taiwanese life.

Every video has a downloadable PDF and discussion section, so you also can discuss your questions with other students.

What I like about her teaching is her interactions with her students. Although I am watching her videos online, I feel like she is there in front of me. Cecilia involves her students in the learning process by taking turns to read the sentences. She also teaches real-life conversation. Instead of learning the speech as written in the book, you are going to learn how to speak like a Taiwanese.

In the lecture about word order, Cecilia introduces a really brilliant method that she calls the “Telescope Method”. This method helps you remember the word order easily. You certainly cannot miss this part.

Despite having text, pictures, and animations, I find her videos very easy to listen to. I can listen to her explaining the lectures or narrating the sentences in English and Chinese Mandarin while doing something else, like house chores. That is possible because she explains it clearly and slowly. It is easy to catch everything she explains in the videos.

Approaching the end of the lessons, Cecilia will teach you how to write Chinese characters and the meaning of radicals as well as how it functions to make you understand Chinese characters easily.

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