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Reading with In-Line Translation

I have a translator plugin in my browser called ImTranslator that I like to use while reading articles. When I come across a word that I don't understand, I simply double-click it, and a bubble icon appears. I click this bubble icon, and it displays the translation in my target language. I have the option of changing the target languages to any of the languages on the list.

I discovered something amazing one day that has changed my reading habits ever since. I right-clicked after clicking the words or sentences, and there was an option for in-line translation. This is an astounding discovery! My computer already has the function I've been looking for, I just didn't realize it. I blamed myself for not taking the time to learn how to use the functions.

Right now, I'm having a great time reading with the in-line translation in multiple languages. The first paragraph can be translated into Haitian Creole, the second paragraph into Italian, the third paragraph into Dutch, and any other language I want to read. A screenshot of an English article I read with in-line translations in French and Dutch is shown below.

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