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Language Discussion with Lingspark

One of my amazing polyglot friends, Sal from Sweden, invited me to have a discussion to talk about how we take control of our language learning. During the 30-minute discussion, we covered various issues, from using apps to living overseas. Besides, we also shared our learning Mandarin experience since both of us are not native Mandarin speakers. Sal lived in Taiwan for some time, while I remain in Taiwan since 2008. 

The discussion was broadcasted LIVE on Zoom by a Taiwanese moderator that is living in Bali, Indonesia at this moment. Viewers can watch the discussion video replay from Lingspark Facebook page. Lingspark is a language learning website that Sal founded. It currently offers Workshops and Classes that are designed to cover all aspects of language acquisition, for example, speech sounds, reading and writing, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar.

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