The most complicated word in English

A Finnish comedian, ISMO, shared his experience of learning English in a video. He mentioned that the most complicated word in English is "ass" that generally means "a person's buttocks".

The first example, "my lazy-ass husband" which just means "my lazy husband". The word "ass" in the first sentence does not add any extra meaning, and the sentence has the same meaning as the second sentence that does not use the word "ass". Another example, "a long-ass flight", which means the same with "a long flight".

The word "ass" can give the opposite meaning in another context. For instance, "bad" is "not good" but "badass" is "good". However, it can also give the same meaning, such as "dumbass" is the same with "dumb".

And there is a concept of "ass" that means the whole part of yourself. For example, "Move your ass!" is a command for someone to move from one place to another place. So, the word "ass" in this context does not mean only the buttocks but also a whole part of yourself, including your car in you happen to be inside your car when the phrase "Move your ass!" is said.

"Ass" can also mean "no", such as in the word "my ass". For example:
A: Wow, this car is really fast!
B: Oh, fast, my ass


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