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Guest Post: My experience in learning Languages

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¡Epale!, my name is Luis, I am from Venezuela, I was born and raised in the Amazon Jungle, one of the most exotics places in the world. I studied Management of Tourism Enterprises. I can speak Castilian, English and I am learning French and Chinese, more Chinese than French since I’m living in Taipei.

Castilian is my mother tongue, so I had no problem learning it Jajaja… English, jum, I never wanted to learn it, but I realized it is a really important language and if you are able to speak English, you can do a lot of things. I learned it when I was in high school, it is mandatory to take English classes. French was the first language that I wanted to learn. I studied it 4 years ago, for about 1 year and a half… Chinese, never thought about it until I went to Shanghai, and just the fact of being in a totally different environment called my attention. But I guess what I most like is when you say: I can speak Chinese and everybody is like O.O

When do I use Castilian/ English/ French/ Chinese?

Most of the time I use Castilian, I love my mother tongue to me it is the most beautiful language in the world, it is so beautiful that sometimes I feel ashamed of myself because my orthography is bad, then English, I use it when I go traveling or when I study. French, I have never been in any French-speaking country, I don’t really use it, just as I said, I learned it because I wanted, and last but not least Chinese, I should be able to speak “good” Chinese by now, but I don’t feel comfortable speaking in Chinese, but I am working on it, because my goal is to go back home and speak Chinese.

Gracias. Chao.

Do you also speak several languages? Or are you a language enthusiast? And you want to guest post this blog? Don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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