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Learn Mandarin: New Method

I have been quite busy preparing for my Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) exam, a Mandarin certification exam held twice annually. There are five levels and I started from the third level. I passed the third and fourth level in the same year, which I did not believe that I could make it. It left me with the highest level, the fifth level. I have taken twice pre-test on this level and I scored quite badly 47 and 44. Honestly, this level is really challenging. The minimum passing grade is 62. The formal test will be on early May, so it is one month later.

If you go to the website of Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP), you can find "Free Download" below the "Mock Test" menu. This is a great advantage for test takers to have a tryout exam. Practicing from the material has helped me a lot in preparing the exam. However, I have done all of the learning material from the website. 

Apart from doing the free material from the website, I also handwrite any Mandarin article from book, magazine, newspaper, etc. I underline the words that I do not know and assign it a number. Thus, I write the meaning of words that I assigned the number. I do not try to memorize any of the words. I just want to be familiar with them so I will remember them naturally.

The article, my handwriting, vocabulary

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this article if you like. If you have any opinions, please leave a comment. I love reading them.

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