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Apart from playing guitar, another hobby what I have is collecting foreign-language books. Does it sound interesting? I have 11 languages so far, besides English, Chinese, and Indonesian. I got some of the books by exchanging with friends and some are free. I am glad to have kind friends that helped me in collecting books. I am certainly looking forward to more books.

The 11 languages are listed in the following:
  1. Latvian
  2. Kurdish
  3. Gilbertese
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Mongolian
  6. Korean
  7. Dutch
  8. Spanish
  9. Russian
  10. German
  11. Swedish
Do you also collect any foreign-language books? If yes, what language have you got? Thanks for reading. Share this article if you think that it is interesting or leave comments below if you have any suggestion. Want to talk privately? Just send me an email. And, remember to subscribe to this blog so you will never miss a thing.

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