Learn German: The complete step by step guide to learning German as a foreign language

With this complete A-Z guide you will learn everything you need to know to study German.
You will find a compilation of the best resources, videos, tasks, work sheets and much more in the whole internet.

No matter what your language level is, in this guide you will find the appropriate means for studying.
Each chapter is about a specific topic of learning German and offers the best resources for this topic. Each chapter starts with a video explaining the most important content of this chapter. 
The following topics are covered:
Chapter 1: The introduction, learning German for Beginners
Chapter 2: The correct pronunciation and emphasis
Chapter 3: The most important German words
Chapter 4: German conversations
Chapter 5: The most important German expressions
Chapter 6: Travelling to /staying in Germany
Chapter 7: German tenses
Chapter 8: German grammar
Chapter 9: (New) German spelling (e.g. comma rules)
Chapter 10: Assessment tests German
Chapter 11: Learning German for refugees and asylum seekers
Chapter 12: Exercises for German, work sheets, tasks and learning games
Chapter 13: Videos for learning German
Chapter 14: Podcasts for learning German
Chapter 15: The best German textbooks
Chapter 16: The best online German courses
Chapter 17: German Dictionary (also German-German)
If you need German shows and movies with or without subtitles and other ressources to practice your German, check out this site. 
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