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What comes to your mind when someone mentions the word "Cina Medan (Medan Chinese)"?

As a city, the name Medan implies something special, unique, and full of dynamics. And that includes almost everything: people's way of life, character, language and style of speech, bureaucracy, traffic, and also the food.

But if you put the word Cina (Chinese) before the word Medan to become Cina Medan (Medan Chinese) then an image of a group of people will appear in the minds of many people in our homeland. A community that according to the perception of many people is exclusive, in the broadest sense.

Perhaps, in Indonesia, the Medan Chinese are one of the most widely viewed and discussed communities from a negative perspective by many parties. On the Java island, even in Kalimantan and other regions, the Medan Chinese have long been known and well-known as people who are "ambitious and tend to justify any means to achieve their desires".

Photo by Halim Kosasi on Unsplash


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