I like reading and I always read in various languages to improve my language skills. My interests include technology, business, culture, and definitely, languages. A book is a window to the world. Through reading, I learn about this world and enrich my knowledge to become a better person that respects the differences of human beings.

You can talk with me in Medan Hokkien, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Esperanto, Portuguese or French. Just ask me if you have questions, I am very happy to share my success stories.

I comprehend Italian, Tok Pisin, Toki Pona, and Elefen quite well. Moreover, I am also familiar with Latin, Chinese, Korean, Cyrillic, Batak, and Arabic scripts.

I mainly do research on language learning methods. I have taught students from various countries, and I know that everyone learns languages differently. Thus, my linguistics knowledge helps me to understand what the students need and how they can learn better.

I have several methods of teaching, and I let the students choose the way they want if they have preferences, otherwise, I would recommend the best method that suits their goals.

Teddy Nee

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