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Check out several of my contributions:
  1. Kiel vi povas lerni lingvojn efike? -- Esperanto-Asocio de San-Paŭlo (page 14)
  2. Kial Ni Bezonas Fremdajn Lingvojn? -- Asocio Esperantista de Rio-De-Ĵanejro (page 4) 
  3. Tutmondigo -- Indonesia Esperanto Asocio (page 11)
  4. 5 Tips on Language Learning Immersion by Teddy Nee -- Language Tsar
  5. Get to Know Esperanto -- Language Boat
  6. Get to Know The Indonesian Language -- Language Boat
  7. How Internet Can Help You Learn Any Language -- Lingholic
  8. How and Why I Learned Mandarin – by Teddy Nee -- Language Surfer
  9. Language Immersion Using Social Media -- Language Mastery
  10. Perspective Collective: Teddy Nee -- Language Boat
  11. The Problem With Being a Westerner in Taiwan -- Language Boat
  12. What's the bigger world language - Mandarin Chinese or English? by Teddy Nee -- Fluent Language
  13. Why Do You Need to Learn Esperanto? -- Multigato
  14. World of Work: Teddy Nee -- Busuu
  15. An Amazing Teaching Experience on Italki -- Italki
  16. The Indonesian Language -- Another Indonesia
  17. Linqapp Language Learner: Teddy Nee -- Linqapp
  18. Guest Post: Learn like a Boss with Your Own Resources -- I wish to be a polyglot!
  19. Get Ready to Speak Esperanto! -- Italki
  20. 4 Ways to Enjoy Using Esperanto Online -- Italki
  21. 37 Amazing Polyglots Who Are Happy to Show You How They Do It -- FluentU
  22. 5 Funny Words In Afrikaans From My Perspective --Parrot Time
  23. Teddy’s Tips for language learning -- Lingotastic
  24. Teddy’s Tips for Language Learning (Part two) -- Lingotastic
  25. Easier Way to Learn Languages Fast -- Parrot Time (page 24)
  26. 5 Chinese Learning Resources You’re Going to Love -- Fluent Language
  27. Why Esperanto? Have you heard of Esperanto? Teddy tells all! -- Memrise
  28. Why learn languages? -- Lingotastic
  29. My Fifth Language is Spanish -- Spanish Hackers
  30. Learn Languages Through Associations and Structure Breakdown -- Speak Like Native
  31. Learn naturally: Teddy Nee’s impression of “Glossika” learning method -- My Polyglot
  32. Language: inspiration, life, and dedication -- Yaziky
  33. 12 Successful Polyglots Share Their ‘Secret Sauce’ to Learn a Foreign Language -- Speak Like Native
  34. Ekamowir Omo! Hello! -- Wikitongues
  35. 4 Ways To Learn Through Reading -- Parrot Time
  36. 18 Polyglots Reveal Their Language Learning Eureka Moments -- LingQ
  37. A Shortcut to Learn Foreign Writing Scripts -- My Polyglot
  38. Coffee break with polyglots -- Ferulang
  39. Best Language Learning Content Of 2016 -- LingQ
  40. Save Medan Hokkien! -- Parrot Time
  41. Six Ways To Choose Which Languages To Learn -- Parrot Time
  42. Make Your Own Language Group -- Parrot Time
  43. Introducing Southeast Asia in Taiwan -- Parrot Time
  44. Dutch and Indonesian Comparison -- Multilinguismo
  45. 24 Polyglot Experts Reveal 2 Most Useful Tips To Learn A New Language -- Middlebury Interactive
  46. Polyglot Interviews: Teddy Nee [Medan Hokkien, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Esperanto, Portuguese, French] -- For The Love Of Languages

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