Guest Post: 6 Unexpected Techniques to Memorize New Phrases

Memorizing stuff is hard for lots of different people, and the weird thing is that it works different ways for different people. Some can remember strings of numbers, others can remember faces, and others can remember the intimate details of events. If you are unlucky, then you may have trouble memorizing new phrases, so here are a few techniques to help you. These techniques will help you learn new words in English, and will help you learn new words and phrases in another language.

Italki Language Challenge – Russian (Part 2)

Finally, my Russian course is coming to an end. I know the time is too short for anyone to reach fluency, means to understand news article or to converse without switching to other language. However, with the right learning technique and focus on only certain topics, you can learn the most within the least time.

Italki Language Challenge - Russian (Part 1)

en:Russian minimarket / uk:Російський магазинч...

The time has come finally. Another month, another challenge. I have finally came to realize that everyone regardless their personal and professional backgrounds always have interest in language learning. People from any age learn languages. I have to admit that language is one of many important aspects in our life. Without language, how could we communicate?

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