Guest Post: How Technology Is Making It Easier To Learn A Language

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How technology is making it easier to learn a language, while at the same time eliminating the need to do so.

I often wonder what life was like pre-­technology. Images of men in robes studying in vast libraries by candlelight come to mind. Back then, access to knowledge was a much more coveted privilege than it is today. If you wanted to find out information on something, you had to put your boots on, walk through snowstorms (for dramatics), go to the library and finally find a book to do some research with. Now you can just press a button to get the answer.

Italki Challenge: The Game Is On

It has been one week after the challenge started and I have taken four classes so far. It was a bit off schedule but hopefully, I can manage to do more classes on the following weeks.

My target language in this challenge is Portuguese, just general Portuguese, means that I do not specify the target for any certain kind of Portuguese (as what we have known, there are Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal)

Guest Post: Lingotastic - My Language Teaching Journey

As a mum of three, I’ve brought my children up with an awareness of other languages, using point and name, playing, reading, singing, puzzles and DVDs. My husband is German, so we mostly did so in German and English, with a bit of French and Hebrew.

My youngest child started school last September and, as I thought about paid work, I wanted to combine my love of languages with my experience working with mums and toddlers that I’d gained through unpaid work.

New Year, New Challenge

Fireworks at Disneyworld.

It's New Year (again), what are you resolutions? Hold on for a second, did you achieve what you had plan for last year? I see many people have great interest in language learning, however, when it comes to the practice, they give lots of excuses and the biggest excuse is not having the time for language learning.

Guest Post: Is Mandarin Difficult? It Depends

According to many articles that I have read, Mandarin is one of top 10 most difficult languages to learn. I am a native Mandarin speaker and also a language teacher. From my over 4 years of teaching experience, I find it very interesting to observe the learning process of my students. I figured out that everyone has their own learning technique. Here, I would like to share some learning tips with you.

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