Interview: Lindie Botes (South Africa)

Let's meet Lindie Botes from South Africa

Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know?

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa. Because of my father’s job, I grew up in Paris, Pakistan, Dubai and South Africa. Currently my parents live in Japan. At home I speak Afrikaans. At English schools in various countries I learnt Urdu, Arabic and French as subjects. In 2009 I became interested in Korean and this spread to Japanese, Mandarin, and other Asian languages. 

Guest Post: How to Switch Your Brain into Chinese Mode when Speaking Mandarin?

Many of my foreign students like to translate when speaking Chinese. They tend to think in their own language or English first then translate into Chinese. Of course we know that we probably shouldn’t do that when learning a foreign language, but sometimes we just can’t help it!

So how do we avoid this? How can we change our brain to a total Chinese mode?  It’s not easy, but it’s definitely not impossible!! Here are some suggestions on how to think in Chinese.

Learning French from a Native Spanish Speaker's Perspective

Being convinced that I wanted to do research and teaching, I decided to study PhD in France. For that reason, I started learning French.

I think that when you learn new things, you need to be motivated in order to assure success on it. Even if I do not consider myself a bilingual speaker, I have had great experiences learning languages.

Guest Post: My language studies of Danish and Norwegian Bokmål

In 2009 I restarted my language studies of Danish both with self-study of textbooks and workbooks and with community college language courses.

Why Danish? This language has a bit the reputation of being difficult to pronounce! I visited Denmark already once in 2001 and Denmark is the closest Scandinavian country to Germany. Besides this I was born quite close to the Danish border in Schleswig-Holstein. So Danish was easy to choose for me as my 8th language.

Interview: Jamerson (Brazil)

Let's meet Jamerson from Brazil

Google+ | Instagram | Skype: jamersuarez 
Twitter | Whatsapp: 05511 9 58621213

Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know?

Hi, my name is Jamerson, 19, from São Paulo, Brazil. I always loved languages but my parents only speak Portuguese so I tried to look for some opportunities to learn more languages. I started with Spanish which is very similar to Portuguese when I was 11 and then I started learning French and English. My goals right now are to learn German and Italian… as everyone says: to learn a language is the key to many more

Interview: Olle Linge (Sweden)

Let's meet Olle Linge from Sweden

Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know?

Hi! My name is Olle Linge and I'm a language learner and teacher from Sweden. I studied English and French in school, but Chinese in the language I have spent the most time with in recent years. I currently study in a master's degree program for teaching Chinese as a second language in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm the founder of Hacking Chinese, where I write about how to learn languages more efficiently as an adult.

9 Multilingual News Websites For Reading Practice

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learners learn languages in many different ways, such as attending language classes, playing games or listening to audio. Whatever the methods are, they usually cover four aspects of language learning: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Mastering only one or two of these is not enough because in the reality, we read, listen, speak, and write.

Interview: Tom Dobbels (Belgium)

Let's meet Tom Dobbels from Belgium

Could you tell us about yourself, including the languages you know?

I am a Belgian polyglot living and working in Taipei. The great thing about being born and educated in Belgium is that we have 3 official languages (Dutch, French and German). My mother tongue is Dutch, and we get taught French in primary school. In secondary school, I studied English and German. In university I studied Spanish and I lived in Brazil for one year where I picked up Portuguese. Belgium is a small country that greatly relies on export with other bigger nations. That makes us very “adaptive”, and learning a new language is often a great asset while doing international business.

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