Daniel Tammet

(Photo credit: Daniel Tammet)

This person blew my mind when I watched a video of him learning Icelandic in a week, and then performed it live in one of Icelandic national TV stations. The story about him dated a few years back; however, I think that it is still an interesting story. His name is Daniel Tammet, an English writer, essayist, and autistic savant who immigrated to France in 2008. He lives in Paris since then.

3 Weeks of Esperanto

(Photo credit: malias)

So, you may have heard about Esperanto. Just in case if you have not, welcome to read my previous article about it Esperanto: Saluton! I actually wanted to learn Portuguese because of its similarity with Spanish; however, the made-to-be-easy Esperanto caught my attention. Then, I tried it! 

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