Translate Back and Forth between Languages

welsh lost in translation roadsign funny
(Photo credit: DrJohnBullas)

You may translate a text from a foreign language into your native language in order to understand the meaning. If the translation is good, you may get the meaning. Otherwise, it will give you confusion. This is caused by the differences in grammar, including sentence structure, terminologies, and the cultural aspects behind the foreign language.

Before translating back and forth between languages, you need to have the knowledge about those languages. Translating to your native language may be easier; however, you need to use the proper grammatical rule and word when you translate into a foreign language. Some languages share the same word for different meaning. You should be aware of the confusion that may exist from those languages. 

Is Memorizing Effective?

(Photo credit: Expemo)

In the middle of my chat with a friend yesterday, she told me that she is struggling to memorize a list of English words. It came up to my mind about the effectiveness of memorizing as a way of language learning. Honestly, I did that before when I was at school. There was a joke of people memorizing the words are only when they are facing the exam. They will forget what they have memorized after the exam.

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